3-in-1 Pure Mineral Drinking Water Bottling Production Line Plant

Our consuming h2o bottling plant is 1 of sophisticated designs which is our organization brings together worldwide advanced self-filling procedure and technologies produced specifically for mineral h2o, pure water and other non-gasoline beverage filling installation.

Figures of drinking water bottling plant:

1. Immediate connection engineering in between air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel is used to exchange in-feeding screw and conveying chain to ease bottle changing procedure with only to modify handful of areas. Freshly-made bottle-separating grippers are assembled to starwheel.
2. We adopts Neck-hanging technological innovation in bottle transportation. Alternatively of conventional starwheel, we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-dimension-modifying simply, CZPT equipment peak adjustment, only number of elements need to have to be adjusted
three. Specifically-designed rinser grippers which are made of stainless steel are organization and endurable, with no contact to screw component of the bottle to stop 2nd air pollution.
four. Substantial-speed, very easily-cleaned filling valves with big circulation volume are outfitted with well CIP program and control system to rinse the gear totally.
5. Splint of starwheel using twist descending way to simplify the method of bottle-size-altering. Only want to adjust arch board and starwheel, inside ten minutes

CZPT characters of Water bottling plant:
The bottle-necks are cramped and bottles are supended for the duration of the opertion process. This avoids numerous malfunctions brought on by thinner bottle body or distinct highness of bottle. This layout also decrease significantly the essential number of changeable elements, make it far more handy and speedily to alter to another variety of bottles.

2. The most sophisticated technology from Japan and Germany is utilized in the design and style. The gravity set liquid floor filling is used. The filling is rapidly, the amotnt of liquid is accuratrly controlled and the dropping and leakage are avoided.

3. CZPT cramps are employed in the bottle washing process. The empty bottle can beturned ower180° Alongside the conveying rail. There ara two instances of in-ternal and external washing, the performance of bottle washing is higher.

4. The magnetic torque is utilised for screw capping. The powerof screw capping can be altered CZPT methods. The powerof the screw capping can aslo be mounted, and the caps will not be damaged, the capping is reliable.

5. Horizon swirl air power caps sorting device is utilized to keep away from damaging the surface of caps, and when there is a scarcity of caps in the caps stor-age tank, an alarm signal will be generated and the caps will be fed routinely.

Main technical parameters 
Product RFC-W 14-twelve-5 RFC-W16-sixteen-5 RFC-W24-24-eight RFC-W32-32-8 RFC-W40-40-ten RFC-W50-fifty-15 RFC-W60-sixty-15 RFC-W72-72-eighteen
Capacity  three,000-5,000bph five,000-8,000bph ten,000-twelve,000bph 15,000bph eighteen,000bph 22,000-24,000bph 28000-30,000bph 36,000bph
Suitable bottle φ=50-110mm H=160 -310mm
200-2500ml PET bottles 
Power  two.42kw 3.12kw  3.92kw 3.92kw 5.87kw seven.87kw 11.37kw eleven.37kw
Dimension  2360x1770x2700 2760x2060x2700 2800x2230x2700 3550x2650x2700 4700x3320x2700 5900x4150x2700 5770x5290x2700 6540x4900x2700
Bodyweight 2500kg 3500kg 3800kg 4200kg 5000kg 8500kg 11000kg 13000kg

3-in-1 Pure Mineral Drinking Water Bottling Production Line Plant