High Temperature Ep Lithium Complex Lubrication Grease

XG-7019 7019-one Extreme force Lithium complicated grease 

CZPT Specifications  

A.     Overview:                                                                                                                
7019-one Extreme pressure Lithium complicated grease is made of minerial oil and synthetic oil, thickened by  lithium sophisticated cleaning soap thickener, additional with numerous varieties of additives, for occasion, antioxidant, antirust, anticorrosion, anti-wear, severe pressure etc. 

B.      Features:                                                                                                                
 Excellent EP and anti-wear properties. Satisfy lubricating specifications for bearings of hefty load or impact load gear.
Very great oxidation security, lengthy service life below vast temperature variety
Excellent anti-rust homes.
Good anti-micromovement wear performance and prevents pitting and wear under micromovement problems

C.     Application:                                                                                                            
CZPTmmended for the lubrication of substantial temperature bearings, medium and large duty Ball, roller, sliding bearing, gears, chains and other transmission areas and coupling in petrochemical sector, textile, printing and dyeing, mining, metallurgy, and many others.

D.     Typical Values:                                                                                                      

Item Specifications Typical final results Examination Method
NLGI Grade 1 two three --
Look White and cream white easy ointment --
Function cone penetration, .1mm 355-385 310-340 265-295 220-250 ASTM D217
Dropping level, °C 300 310 316 330 ASTM D566
Corrosion, (T2 sheet copper, 100°C, 24hrs)  Move Go Pass Move ASTM D4048
Evaporation decline, (180ºC,1h),% two.35 two.two 1.9 one.39 ASTM D972
Excessive Stress (EP) Four-ball check, PD N 3089 3089 3089 3089 ASTM D2596

F.     Operation Temperature selection:                                                                          


High Temperature Ep Lithium Complex Lubrication Grease