Soft Tissue Paper for Diaper Absorbency Core

Comfortable tissue paper for diaper absorbency core
Merchandise Description:


one)Gentle Tissue  Paper,

two) Soft and virgin wooden tissue paper.

3) Strong asorbency, further soft

4) China Direct supplier of paper

five) Soft,mild,absorbent

six) Paper raw materials mill

two.Delicate Tissue  Paper standard physical homes:

Our Solutions:

1. Calculate cost of for each piece diaper & sanitary napkin uncooked supplies

2.OEM & ODM are CZPT.

3. Hoestly service from pre-revenue until right after-revenue

four. Free samples for testing 

At present, we have cooperate customers:

Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia, United States,  Korea, Pakistan, Mauritius, MCZPT, Russia , ZheJiang , 

 Hong Kong , Ghana, Albania, Sain, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Poland, Nigeria, Poland, Libya Spain, Cameroon, Uganda, CZPTa and hergegovina, Vietnam .... 
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Soft Tissue Paper for Diaper Absorbency Core