Steel Forged Caterpillar Drive Chain

Solid CZPT Push Chain

The solid caterpillar push chain is mainly created for tracked engineering automobiles, which includes excavators, bulldozers, and far more. Its hyperlink plates are forged, and the pitch holes are processed by specialized equipment resources. These ensure correct dimension and synchronized touring.

In the meantime, specialized equipment is adopted to assemble the caterpillar chain, and the assembly of the the two sides is executed at the identical time. The optimized fit tolerance will increase the relationship firmness. For the goal of minimizing abrasion between chain components, the bushing and pin floor of the caterpillar generate chain are coated with specialised grease.

Pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (mm) Outer diameter of pin d2 (mm) Duration of pin L (mm) Tensile strength (KN) Proportions of scraper Excess weight for each meter q (kg/m)
b1 (mm) N (mm) A (mm) B (mm) H (mm)
a hundred and fifty five.fifty seven forty two.88 28.7 550 fifty nine.five ninety two 35 seventy six.five 88.nine 35
170.1 59.5 37.8 37.eight a thousand 84 130 45 102 122.4 sixty

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Steel Forged Caterpillar Drive Chain