Vigevr Kitchen Crown 1 Deck 2 Trays Electric Baking Oven

Vigevr Bakery Equipment Professional one Deck two Trays CZPT Baking oven

Item description

Utilized for a large amount of rapidly food baking, utilize to meals factory, big chain stores and other massive quantities of baking. 
Available for foodstuff: Moon cake, toast, all types of bread, hamburg, all types of snacks, biscuits, meat, and many others. 

Deck oven Features

1,Every deck can be managed independently. The top and bottom heater of each deck can be controlled individually.
2,Using sophisticated heat preservation content to reduce strength usage.
3,Tempered glass home windows, it can view the baking situation in genuine time.

Product Parameter

Product Name Energy Source Voltage Machine Size( mm)
HGS-20D one deck 2 trays oven CZPT 380V / 6.6KW 1220*820*575
HGS-40D two deck 4 trays oven CZPT 380V / 13.2KW 1220*820*1120
HGS-60D 3 deck 6 trays oven CZPT 380V / 19.8KW 1220*820*1530
HGS-90D 3 deck 9 trays oven CZPT 380V /25.2KW 1660*820*1530
HGS-120D three deck twelve trays oven CZPT 380V / 38KW 1660*1090*1530
HGS-20Q 1 deck 2 trays oven Fuel 220V / 100W 1330*890*650
HGS-40Q 2 deck 4 trays oven Gas 220V / 200W 1330*890*1420
HGS-60Q three deck 6 trays oven Gas 220V / 300W 1330*890*1705
HGS-90Q three deck nine trays oven Gas 220V /300W 1770*890*1705
HGS-120Q three deck twelve trays oven Gasoline 220V /300W 1770*1160*1705


Merchandise Functions:

one.-Employing mechanical handle panel, microcomputer temperature management method, Each layer can use independently or use several layer at the exact same time.
two.-Employing far infrared electric powered heating factors, make hearth heating to be uniform. Impartial control of best & bottom heater, can handle temperature routinely. 
three.-Can include a timing alarm device, it will change off the electrical energy to shield if overheat occurs.
4.-Utilizing innovative heat preservation materials to reduce vitality intake. optional common wheels supplied.
five.-Ideal for little canteen, cafe, bakery, cafe store.


Vigevr Kitchen Crown 1 Deck 2 Trays Electric Baking Oven